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Yes, Brown might like that Tatum doesn’t get caught up in his own hype, but he doesn’t mind fueling it, either.

You can expect a great year from JT, Brown said. I think scoring the ball is something that he does easy and I think we’re going to need that. I think that’s going to be obvious.

I think Jayson’s athleticism and his versatility, being able to guard multiple positions and things like that, are going to be impressive as well. And his length — when we start getting deep into the playoffs, we’re going to need that. JT’s going to be a great asset to this team going forward and going into the future for however long he’s here or I’m here.

Yet, there is a plus side. They averaged 17.4 combined points in the paint per game last season, which would have ranked first among starting backcourts (the Wizards were tops at 16.6). Also, their combined free throws made per game (7.2) and drives per game (16.2) both would have ranked a respectable eighth among all starting backcourts last season (all numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information research).

James has a penchant for making the pieces around him better. It will be on him, along with Lue, to find a way to make everything fit.

It’s still surreal, James said of the Cavs’ collection of talent. And it’s still a work in progress with all of us. We’re all still adjusting.

I’m fascinated to see how Kuzma continues to develop as a shooter. I can’t recall a case of a player showing this kind of improvement from the NBA 3-point line so early. The change to his projection incorporating summer league stats dwarfs the next-highest improvement, for Anthony Morrow when he went 11-of-20 from 3 in summer league play in 2008. (Morrow went on to exceed even his revised projection by shooting 46.7 percent on 3s as a rookie.)

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